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Our own water resource about 150 meters away.

One of the biggest primarily natural treasures of the mountains is water. Without the need of traveling tremendous amounts of miles, it gushes directly out of the in-artificial springs and herewith let’s all the people, being lucky enough to live here, profit. The Hotel Garni Schindler is getting supplied by its own water resource about 150 meters away from our hotel.

Only we in our hotel and about 9 more houses can enjoy this fres mountain water.

In accordance to all the necessary regulations our water (coming from the fountain) is being proofed and checked at least once a year. This leaves us with the certainty that our water is of very high quality and no harmful substances or such are contained. This lets you enjoy the precious element of life in all its naturalness, energy and freshness. Not only humans avail from the positive effects, also animals get instinctively triggered by the sturdy water, furthermore plants stay fresh longer.

The high quality of our pure water nit only unfolds while drinking it, it will leave your skin, hair and body happily ever after.

You can enjoy this goodness all over the Hotel Garni Schindler. Due to maintenance we do need to cover the costs with a little service charge per carafe in our restaurant.
Long story short, grab a glass and convince yourself!

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