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The Arlberg has been a proverbial example of pioneering spirit in winter sports for a long time. Numerous people had an impact on alpine skiing and the associated technology. One of the most outstanding pioneers in this field is considered to be Hannes Schneider, who was born in Stuben am Arlberg. His alpine style of skiing, the legendary "Arlberg technique", revolutionised skiing all over the world. Owing to courageous pioneers and thinkers like Hannes Schneider and their numerous innovations, the Arlberg became known worldwide as the "cradle of alpine skiing".

A new chapter in this history will be written in the 2016/17 winter season: with the new cableway link between Zürs and Stuben/Rauz, the Trittkopfbahn I and II, and Albonabahn II cableways will also be built in 2016, the loop closes. From Zürs, the Trittkopfbahn I will lead to the new intermediate station, from where skiers may either continue to the new top station of Trittkopfbahn II or use the new Flexenbahn to carry on to Alpe Rauz in Stuben. From here, the other new cableway, Albonabahn II, will invite skiers to continue to Stuben. In addition, skiers starting out from Alpe Rauz can conveniently explore the St. Christoph and St. Anton skiing areas. In the opposite direction, they can use the Flexenbahn from Stuben/Rauz to the intermediate station and/or the top station of the Trittkopfbahn and hence continue to Zürs. From there, skiers can continue to Lech and on to Warth-Schröcken. This makes the Arlberg skiing area the largest contiguous skiing area in Austria, with 305 km of downhill slopes and 87 lifts and cableways available to winter sports enthusiasts.

From then on, all locations at the Arlberg skiing area can be reached easily and comfortably on skis. At the same time, a new grand skiing run will be created – the "Run of Fame" increases the skiing adventure to a maximum of 65 downhill skiing kilometres! The skiing run leads to all areas of the Arlberg, benefiting from the entire dimension of the fully connected skiing area – from Warth in the north via Lech Zürs with the new Flexenbahn to St. Anton/Rendl in the south – the entire Arlberg skiing area will be covered. To complete the entire run across the Arlberg, for example from Warth to St. Anton and back again, will take an average skier almost a full day.

For further information on the cableways, the skiing run and all background details, please visit the official Flexenbahn website at

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